In context, Daa’emi usually means ‘continuing forever, without limit’ and that is how we’d like to believe our films are, not affected by the passage of time or any change in fashion.

But why did we choose this name? Well we had imagined a moment in someone’s life whose story we were fortunate enough to tell. A moment that comes a little later after the first heavenly feelings of marriage pass, when you woke up on purpose to feel the incredible beauty of being allowed to love someone as much as you want. Even though there was incredible delight in watching your story unfold cinematically right after the big day, the moment that we really yearned for comes when you’ve grown older, there are now wrinkles on your skin that was once soft and fresh, the memories have faded a little, you invite children of your children to watch how you had met and fallen in love and when you watch how puerile and innocent your love was and how it gave rise to an incredible family, a tear forms in your wrinkled eye, and when that happens, our wrinkled lips will stretch to smile. And we will know, this is the moment we had yearned for, that we truly were a part of a story that was timeless.

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