So you have arrived at our humble abode. Here are some common FAQs.

Who are the people making films?

A crew of passionate filmmakers who come from diverse backgrounds, united by their love for Love.

What can I expect the film to be like?

A roller-coaster of emotions! Each and every film we make is unique in the way it reflects the personalities of the couple. But the story is what defines the film and all the rituals, the grandeur and everything else leads up to the wedding; the beginning of the journey of marriage.

What is the duration of the wedding film? How long will it be?

We’ve made some compact films with a short & sweet story all the way to elaborate festivals of rites and colours. Whether it be long or short depends on the number of events being shot and the scale of the production.

How do we plan to shoot your wedding?

Our crew of Artists are warm, accommodating and genuinely love what they do. We use a mobile crew of about 4-5 people who will be agile as they move around. We look for those subtle in-between moments; the brushing of skins, the longing eyes, the muffled laughter or solemn tears; where one family lets go and another accepts. These are really the heart of every story.

How long do we take to edit each film?

For every film we make a lot of genuine hard work and love goes into it. We strive to deliver each film within 90-120 days of it being shot but if a story needs that extra bit of time then we do not hesitate to give it that extra care. Often the best recipes are slow brewed into perfection. Communication is the key and we will do our very best to make sure we are always accessible before and even after the film has been delivered.

What all do we offer?

We specialise in Film, that is our core-strength and we know nothing else better to do. But we also do work with other Artists who know nothing else but their photography and we can help be the bridge in facilitating the other responsibilities of ensuring your wedding is captured.

Traveling (International & Pan-India)

We believe in a world that is Inclusive and celebrates Love & Diversity. Our work has taken us across India and Internationally many times before. The sheer cultural diversity in a country like India with all its rites & colours is so ingrained in us, that we feel blessed to have experienced such beauty through our craft of Filmmaking.

We hope to continue making many more stories, timeless.

Make your story, Timeless